Central and Local Government Relationship

Te Whānaungatanga me te Kāwanatanga

Within our settlement, and as part of our Treaty of Waitangi-based partnership relationship with the Crown, we have the opportunity to build relationships with local and central government by establishing relationship protocols (provided for within our deed of settlement).

At present we have ad hoc relationships with local government and some Government agencies (such as the Department of Conservation). As we continue to build a clearer picture of where we are at and where we wish to go, relationships with central and local government will become more valuable. These may be to access certain services that Government provides that may benefit us, or it may be to influence policy in a way that is consistent with our interests.

Accordingly, we need to ensure that once a clear long-term strategy emerges, Government at all levels has a clear understanding of our interests and how they can work with us.

How are we going to do it?

To achieve this we intend to do the following

  • The value of a relationship with government will become clearer in time as we develop our longer-term outlook. In this regard, while the door is open to form relationships, it is incumbent upon us to ensure we understand how that can be utilised most effectively; and
  • In the meantime, we will start to build more structured relationships (or building on existing relationships) by establishing processes for regular communication and information exchange.

How can you tell if we have been effective?

Within a year:

  • We will have developed a clear understanding of how relationships with central and local government can assist with our objectives; and
  • We will develop the relationships with specific Government departments, or relating to specific issues, which are provided for in our deed.

Within five years we will have:

  • Developed strong and effective relationships and influence with central and local government and agencies, structured around a clear understanding of how these relationships can contribute to our other objectives.