Organisational Performance

It is the Trust Board’s responsibility to look forward and plan a future that meets the needs and expecta-tions of beneficiaries. We then task our staff with providing useful, timely, and insightful contributions that support this and assist in our decision-making.

Over time we want to make improvements to how we operate, and to ensure that our organisation is efficient, well-structured, and has the capability to drive this shift to a future focus and to deliver on what we want to achieve.

These are some of the things we intend to do to achieve this:

  • Undertake an organisational review (by the end of 2013) that assesses the organisational structure and capabilities that we already have, and how we could improve these;
  • Building processes and frameworks, which:

-     support evidence - and cost/benefit-based decision-making;

-     enable us to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the things we are doing to achieve our objectives;

-     improve clarity within the organisation for who is responsible/accountable for achieving certain outcomes, and establishing a clear separation of governance and management functions. The Trust Board will appropriately delegate responsibility to Management but has a key role in working with them to set the strategy to maximise shareholders (Iwi) value and then to monitor its implementation;

-     enable continuous development of our strategies and objectives through assessment and evaluation of their effectiveness as they are carried out, and as we gain further insight into members needs and aspirations; and

-     Develop appropriate organisational policies, and clear delegations of powers. 

How can you tell if we have been effective?

Within a year:

  • We will have built systems processes and frameworks to drive the objectives outlined in this plan;
  • Board decision-making will be supported by timely, evidence-based advice from staff management; and
  • We will have implemented the conclusions of our organisational review.

Within five years we will have developed a strong effective organisation that:

-         Supports and delivers on our objectives and priorities;

-         Supports robust, evidence-based decision-making; and

-         Pre-empts potential issues, and assertively and effectively articulates for Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō interests.