Our Mission / Whāinga

We believe that having a clear view of our mission or purpose as an organisation is critical to ensuring that our plans are formed in the right context, and are directed at achieving the right things. 

Accordingly, we have spent time this year developing our views on the Trust’s mission. We think it covers at least four areas:

1. Social Development / Whakahiatu Ora Tipu

  • Improving the quality of members lives by enabling them to create and take advantage of opportunities to better themselves and their whānau;
  • Creating opportunities for iwi members to practice their culture - which they can draw identity from and have pride in, thereby upholding the mana of Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō; and
  • Creating an iwi community that iwi members can be a part of.

2. Cultural Development / Te Whakahaumanu Ahurea

  • Enabling our culture, and the cultural identity and cultural competency of whānau, to grow and thrive;
  • Providing a foundation for whānau to link to one another, and our tūpuna, by acquainting, or re-acquainting them with their whakapapa, and through restoring connectedness within whānau, hapū, and iwi; and
  • Enabling our people to trace/walk in the footsteps of our tūpuna and reconnect with the whenua.

3. Environmental Responsibilities / Kaitiakitanga

  • Maintaining and enhancing our connection with our physical environment and resources, and ensuring that these are used responsibly; and
  • Recognising our unique relationship with our environment and whenua.

4. Organisational Development / Te Mana Whakahaere

  • Building a strong, capable organisation that can deliver on iwi members' expectations, and which gives best expression to the purposes outlined above.