August Pānui, 2016


Education & Training

This month we feature the story of Jodie Palatchie, (pictured), with who I recently completed the Computers in Homes computer training course.

Education & Training

What motivated me to do the course was its focus on giving parents and caregivers the basic skills they need to help their tamariki navigate and be safe while using the internet, whilst also supplying computers and internet connection to these homes with young tauira.

Most schools use apps and educational tools and sites on the internet which the students are connected to having their own login and passwords etc. As the schools move further into the digital “age” I think parents should have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and confidence they need in using computers too so they can help and keep up with their tamariki.  The course covered basic computer skills, word processing, email, internet search and safety and on completion we each got to take home a newly refurbished computer.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Computers in Homes programme and would recommend it to anyone who would like to learn to use a computer or to advance their existing skills.

Jodie Palatchie

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