December Pānui, 2017


GM Corner

Kia ora koutou

GM Corner Guy Royal, Acting CEO

He waka eke noa

A canoe which we are all in with no exception

Observing wider issues such as climate change through to watching local issues like the disputes between the various IwI in Tamaki Makaurau I am struck by how often we forget that we are in all of these things together and that the approach that we take affects the outcomes we have to live with mo te wa i haere mai.

Similarly we at Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō as an Iwi find ourselves in situations where we have choices to make with our fellow Iwi which will have long term ramifications. In a lot of ways the Iwi Trust operates quite separately from whānau and Iwi members whose lives are intimately tied on a daily basis with their relations and family members and friends who belong to the other Te Tauihu Iwi. The distinction between the tribes is often not thought about or relevant to our lives in those environments. 

Yet at a tribal level there are always ongoing areas where we have to make decisions about working with our fellow Iwi. Current ones include aquaculture settlement marine space options in the Tasman Bay, RFR purchase arrangements, boundary interests, our views on key issues of the region (water, pollution, infrastructure, housing, poverty etc) and many others coming up. 

I am encouraged by the desire, maturity and leadership shown by the various Iwi leaders in our Te Tau Ihu in entering these discussions reflecting an acknowledgement of the collective value of working together. We should actively seek to avoid the environment of distrust, argument and discord that has gripped some other areas of Aotearoa.

I hope those that got to the hapū Christmas parties (either had or yet to come) get to enjoy them. Our hearts go out to Mahara Gilsenen who suffered a broken foot at the Puaha Te Rangi Christmas party. Get well Mahara.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy the time to relax and spend time with loved ones.

Nga mihi

Guy Royal

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