April Pānui, 2016


Our Whenua

Gift and vest back of Alpine Tarns

Our Whenua

As part of our Deed of Settlement, Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō is investigating options to trigger the Vesting of the Alpine Tarns with the iwi, before they are then gifted back into the Department of Conservation estate for the future benefit of the people of New Zealand.

The Tarns named in our Deed of Settlement are as follows:

  • Rotomairewhenua/Blue Lake
  • Rotopōhueroa/Lake Constance
  • Rotomaninitua/Lake Angelus
  • Paratītiahi Tarns
  • Paraumu Tarn

The names above will also be formally renamed to put the te reo Māori name first. Given the cultural significance of these sites we are looking at developing a formal event or events to mark their return and gifting back. We will also be working closely with DoC to coordinate our activties with their activities relating to updating general signage around the sites and other improvements that they would like to undertake.

It is a hugely exciting kaupapa, and one we are looking forward to developing. We will ensure that there is scope for iwi member involvement within our proposals and will talk more about these possibilities when our plans become clearer over the next few months. 

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