August Pānui, 2016


Our Whenua

In 2019 New Zealand will commemorate the 250th Anniversary of Capt James Cook’s landfall in New Zealand.

Our cultural advisor, Kiley Nepia, is a trustee on the Trust that is both organising and coordinating a series of events in Marlborough.

As everyone knows, Cook’s first landfall was in the rather ironically named Poverty Bay in 1769. On the morning of 15 January 1770, the Endeavour sailed into Totaranui, where she was very nearly swept onto rocks at the northwest entrance.  The following quote comes from Anne Salmond’s book, Two Worlds. Joseph Banks noted in his diary:

"We saw some canoes who instead of coming towards us went to an 'Indian' town or fort built upon an island nearly in the middle of the passage, which appeared crowded with people as if they had flocked to it from all parts; as the ship approached it they waved to us as if to invite us to come to them but the moment we had passed by they set up a loud shout and every man brandished his weapons which none of them were without. The country about us was now very fertile to appearance and well-wooded so we came to an anchor about long cannon shot from the fort, from whence 4 canoes were immediately dispatched to reconnoitre...”

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