March Pānui, 2016


Our Whenua

The opportunity to be included in a segment on TVNZ’s 7 Sharp featuring Rotomairewhenua (click here to view the full episode) was too good to pass up.

Cultural Advisor Kiley Nepia was there to explain the significance of the alpine lakes and tarns –our Deed of Settlement notes Rotomairewhenua (Blue Lake); Rotopōhueroa (Lake Constance); Rotomaninitua (Lake Angelus); Paratītiahi Tarns; and Paraumu Tarn – to Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō, and to all New Zealanders.

Part of the Deed of Settlement provides for all these waahi tapu to be vested back into iwi ownership, before being gifted back to the people of New Zealand.

That process is in the hands of the Cultural Committee who are developing a timetable for implementation. And of course Blue Lake officially became Rotomairewhenua / Blue Lake, following the passing of the settlement legislation.

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