July Pānui, 2017


Te Kūmara Vine

Pā Wānanga at Omaka Marae

A huge congratulations to Omaka Marae for securing a substantial amount of funding to build a bilingual unit. The unit plans to open in early 2018 and will be held at Omaka Marae.

This is a huge opportunnity for our Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō whānau who live in Marlborough. To register your child please email manager@omakamarae.co.nz

Kalais Hemi - Completed a Master of International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington. Says:

" I would like to once again thank the Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō Trust for providing me with an Education Grant for my 2016 studies. I am immensely grateful to be a recipient of this grant and hope that the grant continues to be available for many generations of our iwi to come. During 2016 I was studying towards a Master of International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington which I successfully completed mid-February this year. This study grant contributed to the success of my academic studies over 2016 by alleviating much of the anxiety that comes with carrying a hefty student loan. Sadly, the ever escalating costs of tertiary education has increasingly put people off from academic pursuits. With such financial challenges, a grant like this is invaluable to a student. It is especially important for Māori to have as much support as possible from their iwi in order to continue and enhance their presence and performance in tertiary institutions. This grant has also contributed to my success at University because it has made me feel like I have a whole iwi behind me which has motivated me to keep going at the times when I most doubted by ability. The Education Grant made available by the Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō Trust signifies to me that this trust recognises the importance and value of their peoples’ academic efforts."

Michael Fryer - Currently studying 'Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Commerce' at Victoria University of Wellington. Says:

"I am deeply indebted to Ngati Apa for providing me with this scholarship to assist in my studies at Victoria University. It is great to know that the iwi supports the growth of us young ones to continue with Tertiary Education. I value the degree I am currently studying ( Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Commerce) as I know that there is a need for us to become more educated within this field as I believe it will play a key role within the next 10-15 years. Though I do not currently live down south please keep me in touch with activities as well as AGM dates so I am able to come down to meet more of my iwi and to prepare to give back to Ngati Apa. Nga Mihi, Michael Fryer. "

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